Our Story

Since our humble beginnings in 2015, we have met exponential growth as students and schools have found a home in the Thomas Jennings Open Learning Village. We've hosted a myriad of professional development courses, and courses of personal interest such as Certified Nurse Aide Training, Anti-Racism Training for Employees, Executive Leadership, Non-Profit Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship, Online Teaching and Learning, Soft Skills Training, and more.

The Open Learning Village's  goal is to deliver an exceptional e-learning experience to our students and partners. We want to help others find meaningful professional development in the time they share with us. To keep learning open, for life.

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Our Mission

The Thomas Jennings Open Learning Village strives to provide students and educators with meaningful professional development.  Our courses are designed to be inclusive to all kinds of education backgrounds, build collaborative communities, and increase engagement in the learning process.


Our full effort is dedicated into being a world-class leader in online education delivery, and practical skills training for professional development, vocational, and courses of personal interest.

Services We Provide

Online Training Courses

Online training courses offered directly from The Thomas Jennings Open Learning Village. These courses are made for individuals seeking professional development, practical skills training, or pursuing subjects of personal interest.


Our courses are more than standardized learning experience; they're a unique and engaging learning opportunity that'll stick with you in your future career and academic success.

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Online Curriculum
Design for Schools

Professional online training courses built for your school. These courses are ready to launch as soon as you partner with us, and can be customized to meet any additional needs. 


Are you eager to spend less time and money on setting up your online courses? Do you want your students to have a memorable distanced learning experience? Partner your school with the Thomas Jennings Open Learning Village today!