Healthcare Worker with Patient
Healthcare Worker with Patient

Home Health Aide (HHA)

75 Hour Course

An online course to prepare your students for Home Health Aide Certification.

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All states

Course Overview

As a Home Health Aide, you will be at the forefront of patient care. You will be a very real and needed part of the patients daily living.  With that in mind, you have to be keenly aware of the skills needed to perform this challenging and rewarding job.  In this course, you will begin to build skills and develop techniques to help you help others.  These skills include understanding nutrition, taking and recording vital signs, performing safety requirements and recording documentation among others.

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Course Detail

Module 2 - Introduction to Home Health Aide Training

The program's purpose is to train and teach qualified people to provide personal care services under Medicaid Waivers. Learning Objectives: • Understanding the Role of the HHA as part of the Health Care Team • Identifying HIPAA and Mandatory Reporting Criteria • Evaluating the Ethics and Laws applicable to HHAs

Module 6 - Special Needs Clients

In some cases, clients may be impaired and required special services and care. In this module, we will explore many of the more common conditions and disorders and consider the HHA's role in service and care. Learning Objectives: • Understand and define disabilities and disorders • Identify special conditions

Module 7 - Home Management and Food, Nutrition, and Meal Preparation

One thing we will continue to need in order to stay healthy (regardless of age) is a diet that provides the necessary nutrients for the body to stay functional. In this module we go into the details of managing the environment, nutrition, meal planning, food handling, and storage among others. Learning Objectives: • Understand the basics of management of the client's environment • Identify and define nutritional information • List ways to manage time and money

Module 8 - Taking Care of You!

There is an old saying that you can't take care of anyone else until you can take care of yourself. In this module, we will explore ideas that help the HHA grow professionally as well as review ways to eliminate stress from day to day living. Learning Objectives: • Identifying continuing education requirements • Understanding and recognizing stress and listing management techniques

Module 3 - Foundations of Client Care

In this module, we will explore the Physical and Biological Aspects of Aging, the Psychological aspects of Aging, the Physical and Emotional Needs of the Elderly, Critical Situations, and Orientation to Physical Disabilities. Learning Objectives: • Understand how to prevent the spread of infection • Identify the meaning, types and use of standard precautions • Identify certain safety issues related to Home Health Care and HHAs • Evaluate how to prevent accidents in the client environment • Understand and demonstrate responses to medical emergencies

Module 4 - Understanding Clients

As people grow and develop through phases of life, their needs, physical appearance, and personal choices may change. In this module we will explore the physical and socio-psychological changes that happen to humans as they progress through life. Learning Objectives: • Understand the basics of human needs • Identify the specific body systems and associated disorders • List stages of human development and identify stages aging, death and hospice

Module 5 - Client Care

Perhaps the most important aspect of being a Home Health Aide is performing and promoting client care and safety. In this module we will engage content that addresses these areas of the job - including mobility, personal care procedures, vital signs and certain special procedures. Learning Objectives: • Demonstrate skills in personal care procedures as required • Understand methodology that accompanies procedural demonstrations

Module 1 - Introduction to Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication and interpersonal skills are critical to the well-being of recipients and clients. The ability of the HHA to communicate changing conditions of the recipient to proper staff may be critical to the recipient’s well-being. The HHA must also interact effectively with other members of the health care team including RN's, CNA's and perhaps the recipients family. Therefore, the HHA should receive training in basic verbal and nonverbal communication techniques, identification of factors which may impair communication and methods to enhance interpersonal skills. Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding the Communication Process
  • Evaluating Subjective and Objective Reporting Data
  • Identifying Documentation Criteria
  • Understanding Reporting Practices

Orientation Module

Welcome to the Home Health Aide (75-Hour) course. In order for you to be successful in this course you should at least have some idea of this learning management system (LMS) - NEO. In addition, you will be responsible for a "Dream Book" as well as discussion posts, reflections, quizzes, and tests.

Learning Objectives:

  • Course syllabus

  • NEO Learning Management System

  • Discussion posts

  • Content engagment

  • How to create a personal blog on NEO

  • Course requirements

Additional Course Details

Course Availability

This course currently is available to all states.

Course Design

This course is designed to be an online instructor-led training course. 

Recommended Required Materials

Readings and activities for the course are in different formats such as online articles, PDF's, videos as well as podcasts. All of which is embedded in this course. A textbook is required for this course. 

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