Online teaching and learning

Online Teaching and Learning Training

Improve your online teaching abilities by building fundamental skills such as how to facilitate critical thinking strategies, creating formative and summative assessments, course development, and so much more.

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Course Overview

This course will provide you the knowledge necessary to become a proficient online teacher/facilitator, especially in an asynchronous environment.

Skills that you will learn include understanding different learning styles, netiquette techniques, promoting critical thinking skills, formative and summative assessments, course development, and much more. The integration of these skills, under the supervision of a primary instructor (PI), will help you to understand how to successfully teach and engage students in an online learning environment.

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Improve your understanding of course design and delivery


Grow confidence in your online teaching abilities

The asynchronous format gives you the flexibility to learn around your schedule 

Course Detail

Module 2 - Online Teaching, Guiding, and Facilitating

You will learn the theoretical and practical tools to use for managing your online classroom. Topics Included Cover:

  • Constructivism and Web2.0 Applications
  • Netiquette Techniques
  • Enhancing Critical Thinking Strategies
  • Back to Basics Techniques
  • A,D,C Method of eLearning

Module 3 - Critical Thinking in E-Learning

You will discuss the idea of critical thinking and how facilitators can best design activities that will promote and enhance critical thinking and learning skills among students. Topics Included Cover:

  • Promoting objective use and sharing of new knowledge amongst students
  • Defining and Discussing Critical Thinking
  • Socratic Method as a Tool and Process

Module 4 - E-Learning Assessment

You will engage with content related to e-learning assessment as well as strategies for success. Topics Included Cover:

  • Formative Online Assessments
  • Summative Online Assessments

Module 1 - The Online Community of Learners

This module introduces the learning professional to ideas related to the types of learners, orientation techniques, netiquette, blogging, and reflection. Topics Included Cover:

  • Different Learning Styles, Identifying the Right Sensory Appeal
  • Different Personality Types, Particularly Introverts and Extroverts
  • Learners Across Different Generations and Age Groups

Orientation Module

Hello and welcome to the course. This module includes and details the following:

  • Class Syllabus

  • The NEO Learning Management System

  • Discussion Posts

  • Recommended Ways of Communicating and Netiquette

  • How to Create a Reflection Journal, aka a 'Dream Book'

  • Course Requirements

Additional Course Details

Course Enrollment

This course​'s enrollment will end on Mar-29, with the first session beginning Mar-30.

Course Design

This is an asynchronous instructor-led course. Assignments can be done on your own time, however, an instructor will be present to grade assignments, and facilitate the course.

Required Materials

Readings and activities for the course are in different formats such as online articles, PDF's, videos as well as readings. All of which is embedded in this course. No additional textbooks or materials are needed.


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