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Course Overview

Prepare your students for EKG certification, with this EKG training course. This course provides the environment, digital curriculum, and content necessary for your students to excel as proficient and caring EKG technicians.

Skills that your students will learn include how to best communicate with patients, understanding basic care skills, the cardiovascular system, how to operate and troubleshoot an EKG machine, interpreting different rhythmic patterns, and much more. The integration of the skills and knowledge they will obtain in this online health care training, under the supervision of your primary instructor (PI), will confidently prepare them for an exciting career as a certified EKG technician.

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Module 2 - Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Students will learn the communication and interpersonal skills critical to establish important care and treatment for patients. Topics Included Cover:

  • Communication Tips
  • Communicating and Interacting with Patients with Impairments

Module 6 - EKG Technology and Applications

Students will be introduced to the tools and techniques that will be applicable to the duties and responsibilities of the EKG operator. Topics Included Cover:

  • Basic Electrical Activity of the Heart and How it is Recorded by EKG Machines
  • The Portable EKG Machine
  • The Types of EKG-based Tests and their Indications
  • Different EKG Leads and Lead Groups
  • Electrode Placement and the Use of Different Leads
  • Proper Setup of the EKG Machine

Module 7 - EKG Procedures - The Basics

Students will be introduced to the EKG process , and they will learn how to prepare, hook-up, and monitor patients. Topics Included Cover:

  • Patient Identification
  • Preparation and Emergency Responses
  • 12-lead EKG Intro
  • Stress Testing
  • Ambulatory Monitoring
  • Record Keeping.
  • Vital Signs
  • Height and Weight
  • Measure and Record Fluid Intake and Output

Module 8 - Applications and Troubleshooting

Students will understand the basics of how EKG technology works, and will be able to adapt and troubleshoot the machine. Topics Included Cover:

  • Identifying Situations where Adjustments or Adaptations May be Required
  • Different Types of EKG Artifact
  • Basic EKG Machine Troubleshooting
  • Adaptions to Electrode Placement and Patient Positioning
  • Special Situations including Pediatric Patients
  • Identifying Sources of Information for EKG Machine Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Module 9 - Conduction and Tracings

Students will be introduced to the cardiac conduction system and EKG tracings. Topics Included Cover:

  • General Guidelines for Patient Identification, Preparation, and Response to Emergency Situations During EKG Testing
  • 12-lead EKG Test
  • Patient Preparation and Monitoring for Telemetry
  • Performing a Stress Test
  • Holter and Other Ambulatory Monitoring
  • Accurate Record-Keeping and Patient Confidentiality

Module 10 - Rhythm and Interpretations

Students will learn various techniques required to master the interpretation of rhythmic patterns. Included Topics Covered:

  • How EKG Rhythms are Named
  • The Importance of Recognizing Cardiac Rhythms
  • Identifying Atrial, Junctional, Ventricular, Heart Block, and Sinus Rhythms
  • Understanding what the Various Rhythms Mean for the Patient
  • Artificially Paced Rhythms on EKG Tracings
  • Possible Complications with Artificial Pacemakers
  • ST-segment Changes and Other Indications of Injury on the EKG Tracing

Module 11 - Emergencies

Students will learn about various emergency situations that might arise within their practice. Included Topics Covered:

  • Recognizing Emergency Situations During Cardiac Testing
  • Proper Notification of Supervisor and 911 in a Medical Emergency
  • Caring for a Conscious Patient Experiencing a Cardiac Emergency
  • Caring for an Unconscious Patient Experiencing a Cardiac Emergency
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and Defibrillation Using an Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
  • Caring of a Patient Experiencing a Stroke
  • Drugs that May be Used in a Cardiac Emergency
  • Responses to Medical Emergencies

Module 3 - Basic Care Skills

Students will learn how to practice safe and effective infection prevention. In addition, the EKG technician should know and understand key elements of assessment - measuring vital signs, monitoring blood oxygen, and other assessments of the patient. Topics Included Cover:

  • The Importance of Monitoring Vital Signs
  • Prevention and Control of Infection
  • Guidelines for Measuring Body Temperature and Observing Skin Conditions
  • Pulse, Respirations, and Blood Pressure
  • Understanding Normal Vital Sign Ranges for Pediatric Patients
  • Assessing and Reporting Pain and Level of Consciousness
  • Patient Body Positions Used During EKG Testing

Module 4 - Basic Anatomy and Physiology

Students will learn the foundation of human physical condition and construction, with a focus on the relationship between the cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems. Topics Included Cover:

  • Key Concepts and Terms of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems and their Functions
  • The Relationship Between the Nervous System and the Cardiovascular System
  • Different Layers of the Heart
  • Major Vessels, Arties, Chambers, and Valves of the Heart
  • Pulmonary and Systemic Circulatory Paths
  • The Relationship Between the Cardiovascular System and the Respiratory System

Module 5 - The Cardiovascular System - Common Diseases and Disorders

Students will learn how the heart and related systems function and some of the most common causes for disruption and dysfunction. Topics Included Cover:

  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Ischemia and Myocardial Infarction
  • Cardiomyopathy
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Heart Valve Disease
  • Blood Clots and Possible Complications
  • Hypertension

Module 1 - The EKG Technician - Role and Responsibility

Students will be introduced to the work expected of the EKG technician, the soft skills needed to be successful, as well as some of the other factors that contribute to their success. Topics Included Cover:

  • Understanding the Role of the EKG Technician
  • Healthcare Settings in which EKG Technicians Work
  • Soft Skills Needed for Success
  • The Certification Process, Continuing Education, and Re-Certification
  • Prefixes, Roots, and Suffixes
  • EKG Common Abbreviations

Orientation Module

A customizable overview module that introduces the class to the course. This module includes and details the following:

  • Class Syllabus

  • The NEO Learning Management System

  • Discussion Posts

  • Recommended Ways of Communicating and Netiquette

  • How to Create a Reflection Journal, aka a 'Dream Book'

  • Course Requirements

Additional Course Detail

Course Availability

This course currently is offered nationally.

Course Design

This course can be completed entirely online, or integrated into your health training center or school as an online hybrid course to complement your practical requirements. 

Recommended Required Materials

Readings and activities for the course are in different formats such as online articles, PDF's, videos as well as readings. All of which is embedded in this course. However, the recommended required textbook for this course is Hartman’s Complete Guide for the EKG Technician by Wilma Lynne Clarke, EdD, RN, which is not included.

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